Project Endeavor..

Thank you for coming here. Project Endeavor is an attempt by National Paranormal Society to track the details of paranormal cases on a global basis. We wish to assimilate the data of affiliated teams in hopes of establishing a comparative baseline. An account is required to contribute and information gathered is devoid of identifying information.



Collect Data

We have tried to design the forms with an easy-to-use interface that is responsive to phone, tablet or full-computer screen. NPS wants to make it easy for your team to share data.

Compare Findings

NPS wants to find out what happens when we compare the findings of paranormal teams worldwide using a defined set of metrics. What common elements of investigations can be found if we use a community database to track our results?

Share Results

After enough data is compared, we will share our results in hope that it will benefit the paranormal community, provide a baseline for better investigations, and advance the field of paranormal research, .

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Legal Stuff

The National Paranormal Society is not responsible for individuals, teams and submissions listed on the NPS website. Use of the directory is at the discretion of the individual.

All submissions made to The National Paranormal Society, for the purposes of data analysis, article or editorial publication, team, individual or service listing, or any other submission category not listed become the property of the NPS.

The use of the NPS name for any unauthorized events or activities is strictly prohibited. Please contact for more information.


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